1. How can I request a quote?

You can request a quote to the following email: or through our new Online Customer Service Line NEPTUPhone: 611 1160 
2. If I have a question about fees, Who should I contact?

You can check the rates by contacting your sales executive or sending an email to the following email address:, or through our new Online Customer Service Line NEPTUPhone: 611 1160. Unit rates are also published on our Website: 

3. Our company would like to start importing/exporting products from/to several countries and we have no experience doing this, can Neptunia give us assistance?

We have a team of executives who will give you all the support for you to carry out your import and/or export operation successfully. To do this, you can contact our sales department at the following email: or through our new Online Customer Service Line NEPTUPhone: 611 1160. 

4. How do I apply for credit and/or a credit change?

You can do this with the help of your Account Executive or send an email to:, including in the email subject section: CREDIT APPLICATION. Registration will be confirmed by email after going through  the corresponding evaluation process. 

5. How I can get a valuation of my load?

You can determine the cost of imports or FCL exports services through our website by going to the section entitled Neptunia On Line and then clicking on the Valuations option.

Previously,  you must enter your username and password. In the case of imports, you must have the voucher number and in the case of exports services you must have the reservation or booking number.

6. How do I cancel a duplicated Service Order?

You have to use the Valuation service found on our website. All customs agents can get the payable amount in advance and see if you have duplicated service orders.

To cancel duplicate orders, the dispatcher must go to the customs offices of Navis with the printed document to verify whether the duplicated service was used or not. If the service was not used, the Yard Supervisor will sign the service order approving its cancellation. After the authorization is given, the dispatcher must go to the Cash Register to cancel the service in the system, presenting the signed service order. 
7. What documents should I submit to enter the terminal and/or operational areas?

All personnel (customers, suppliers, drivers, and crew) entering a yard and/or operational areas must meet these 3 requirements:

Have a risk work insurance policy valid as of that month (You can bring the printed version or send it by email to

Show your security sticker as evidence that you have passed Neptunia´s Safety Induction Course (If you have not taken the course yet, you can register by sending your personal information and the company´s name to: .pe. Registration will be confirmed by email).

Wear Personal Protective Equipment according to the activity performed (safety shoes, helmet, vest-for your safety no shorts or slippers are allowed).